Introducing Law Enforcement Network Platform.

The LEN AI Weapons Detection and Communications platform is a groundbreaking technology designed to address modern safety threats.

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LEN is a state-of-the-art Communication and AI Weapon Detection Platform. Our platform combines the latest communication technology with advanced artificial intelligence to

provide law enforcement agencies, citizens, security, and key staff with the tools to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats. Our AI-driven weapon detection technology can assist in identifying potential threats before they become dangerous, alerting officers and citizens to potential danger and giving them the tools they need to respond safely and effectively. With Law Enforcement Network's Communication and AI Weapon Detection Platform, we are helping to create a safer world for everyone.


LEN is a robust security solution that enables citizens to communicate with law enforcement agencies, first responders, and security companies to stay vigilant against crime, ensure

the safety of the public's well-being and address medical issues in real time. The platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze video footage in real time and identify any weapons present in the scene. As soon as a weapon is detected, the platform automatically sends a notification to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, complete with the exact location and type of weapon.


Our AI Weapon Detection Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance law enforcement's response to active shooter situations. The platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze video footage

in real time and identify any weapons present in the scene. This empowers first responders to quickly and accurately assess the situation, devise a response plan, and take action to neutralize the threat. Moreover, the platform's advanced communication capabilities ensure that all relevant parties are kept informed and can collaborate seamlessly to resolve the situation as safely and efficiently as possible.

LEN AI Detection Types

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AI Weapon Detection contributes to the prevention of school shootings and violence.

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LEN's fire detection system was developed to address environmental threats to human life and property.

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LEN standard drone detection.

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The LEN AI detects smoke directly at the source.

LEN Safety Advantages


HOT Mapping, LEN users will receive a notification to click on a map to reveal the location of nearby threats.

Real-Time Position Tracking

No need to verbally update citizens' and officers' locations verbally. GPS tracking shares the user's position dynamically with all responders.


Submit an emergency case, and a notification will be created and sent to the concerned department.

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LEN AI Technology detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired.

Real-Time Texting and Communication

Direct and centralized texting groups are dynamically created to support intelligence sharing and communication across citizens, staff, security and first responders.


The LEN platform will allow the public to notify local law enforcement & security agencies to submit violations in real-time.

Nashville Incident

Life Saving Difference

Our state-of-the-art AI Weapon Detection and Real-Time Communication System, a revolutionary technology designed to prioritize safety and security in our schools. This system harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI to instantly detect threats, thereby dramatically reducing reaction time in active shooter situations. By providing real-time updates and precise locations of potential threats, it empowers students, staff, and security personnel with vital information when seconds count. It's more than just a system, it's a lifesaving tool, designed to provide swift alerts to authorities and guide immediate safety measures. This innovative system is our proactive response to avert tragedy, ensuring faster access to potentially lifesaving information than ever before. In the face of danger, we're not just reacting, we're actively safeguarding our future.

Law Enforcement Network AI Weapon Detection and Communication System

LEN AI Weapon Detection and Communication System

The Law Enforcement Network (LEN) AI Weapons Detection and Communication Platform - the ultimate tool for ensuring public safety. Our state-of-the-art technology uses advanced AI algorithms to detect weapons in real-time, allowing law enforcement to act swiftly and prevent potential threats before they escalate.

But that's not all - our platform also enables seamless communication between law enforcement agencies, ensuring they can work together effectively to keep communities safe. With instant access to real-time information, officers can react quickly and make informed decisions that could save lives.

What Clients Say?

The rise of artificial intelligence has certainly been a game-changer in the world. The LEN AI weapon solution is one of this industry's most recent advanced developments. Developed by a team of experienced engineers, this cutting-edge technology can revolutionize the future of public safety and security.

Robert A. Chanter "Chief of Security" Rapid Response

LEN is revolutionizing the security industry with its advanced AI weapon, real-time communication, and alerting solution. This cutting-edge technology combines machine learning algorithms with autonomous weapons systems to create a more innovative and efficient weapon. Using data to analyze suspicious movements, LEN's AI weapon solution can identify threats faster and respond more accurately.

David Soloman "Chairman" Orix Security & Defence

The Al weapon detection and notification system developed by BeMotion - Law Enforcement Network is a game-changer allowing our staff and local law enforcement to receive real-time information, leading to faster and more organized response efforts.

Frank Steslow "President & CEO" Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

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